Pink on Black, 2015

Enamel and spackle on paper sacks

17" × 12"

Artist Gary Komarin first began working with the New York School under mentor Philip Guston. Through his work of drawing and painting, Komarin builds layered surfaces with water-based house paint in a thinned-out sluice mixed with spackle and water. The paint offers hybrid colors that seem slightly “off” while the spackle creates a clean, matte surface.

In Cake Paintings, his 2012 exhibition at MARCH, Komarin took inspiration from his mother, a consummate baker, and his father, an architect, to cleverly explore the intersection of the domestic and the architectural. Water-based enamel and spackle paintings are rendered on paper bags where reoccurring cake iconography is combined with unusual media; a balance between sophistication and simplicity.


Cake Paintings, September 27 - November 30, 2012