Black Dizzi, 2015

Oil on canvas

19" × 27"

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Iranian artist Hojat Amani lives and works in Tehran fusing photography, painting, calligraphy, new media, and figurative art through his work. Raised in a traditional family, Amani was familiarized with traditional art while studying fine art and calligraphy before seeking out more contemporary methods of expression. Through his work, Amani aims to give viewers a cathartic purification and a promise of freedom from the difficulties of contemporary life.

In Iranian Still Life Series, Amani references late 16th century Persian still life painting, juxtaposing traditional iconography with western brands. Compositions are inspired by historic Safavid (7th century), Timurid (1370-1405), and Qajar (1785-1925) era painting where artists would obscure the reality of an object. “For example, if they wanted to draw a pomegranate, they just presented an outline without color or depth,” says Amani. Bright color and complete form is the result of merging Iranian style with pop art and collage, as Amani adds unique details in pencil or paint after the work is nearly complete.


Iranian Still Life Series, July 27 - September 28 2017