Kaori Tatebayashi


Kaori Tatebayashi

Japanese ceramic artist Kaori Tatebayashi creates sculptural ceramic installations inspired by plants and nature from her London studio. Originally from Arita, Japan, Tatebayashi comes from a family of ceramics traders and received an MA in ceramics from Kyoto City University of Art before studying at the Royal College of Art in London in 1995. Modeling in stoneware clay while observing real flowers and plants from 360 degrees, Tatebayashi works only with her hands and a single knife she handmade herself for the task. Unglazed clay is then fired straight at 1,250 degrees Celsius without a bisque firing for the raw appearance of pure clay.

In Feast, her 2020 exhibition at MARCH, Tatebayashi draws inspiration from Dutch Master compositions where curious plants and animals merge into inanimate objects and botanicals. Each piece is presented as a sculptural installation where a grouping forms a single still life tableau.


Feast, March 12 - April 30, 2020