Karyn Lyons


Karyn Lyons

New York City-based painter Karyn Lyons works in oil on canvas, gouache on vellum, and collage. Lyons reinterprets the motifs of traditional still lifes rendering them in luminous monochrome. Her paintings are based in photo-realism, while exploring scale and abstraction, adding a haunting quality to her work.

In Paintings, her 2018 exhibition at MARCH, Lyons set up narrative still lifes in her studio working with everyday objects and store-bought fruit. Lyons invites the viewer to experience the depth of meaning that resides in iconic or familiar figures, objects, and tableaux. Here, a pastoral calm belies an unfolding narrative, like a single frame, excerpted from a film reel.


Paintings, October 18 - November 30, 2018