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MARCH Black Ash Low Square Natural Baskets

MARCH Black Ash Low Square Natural Baskets
Hand-made in the United States.

Material: Black Ash trees naturally felled from near the artist's studio in upstate New York.

Black Ash trees grow in isolated pockets of cool, wet ground throughout the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada. Truly unique in its ability to separate along the annual layers, it has been used by Native American basketmakers for thousands of years. Jonathan Kline (artist) strips 8-10 logs of its bark, pounding their lengths with a steel mallet. Having crushed the spongy fibers between the growth layers, he then can peel long strips from the log. These strips are sliced to width and shaved with a knife to a smooth finish. For rims and handles, He splits lengths of shagbark hickory into billets with froe and mallet. These pieces are then lashed securely to the basket.

Paints used are made from a casein base with mineral pigments. They are non toxic and durable. Applied in layers, then finished with linseed oil creating an aged mellow patina.

,Care: Spot clean. Dust with dry cloth.

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