Handmade in the United States.

Only at MARCH

A rounded basket made by artist Jonathan Kline from Black Ash that has been harvested from trees felled near the artist’s studio in Upstate New York.

Growing in isolated pockets of the Northeast, Black Ash wood has the unique ability to separate along its annual growth layers. In creating the baskets, Kline first strips 8-10 logs of its bark pounding each length with a steel mallet to crush the spongy fibers found between growth layers. He then peels long strips from the log, cuts them to size, and shaves each with a knife for a smooth finish. For rims and handles, lengths of Shagbark Hickory are split into billets with a froe mallet.

Pieces are then lashed securely to the basket. Paints used are made from a non toxic casein base with natural mineral pigments and a linseed oil finish creates a mellow aged patina.