Made in the United Kingdom.

Modeled after traditional 17th century copper cookware, a full-size pudding pot for creating sweet and savory steamed puddings. Handmade in the Shropshire countryside from 1.7mm heavy duy spun and polished copper with a pure tin lining.

Four indentations are cut into the top rim to ensure the string used to retain parchment paper (used to cover to the pudding when placed in a boiling pan) remains in place.

Tin lining may discolor with time and if copper starts to show through the tin lining, your pan may need to be re-tinned at some point during its lifetime. A green patina may develop on copper surface with time. This is perfectly fine for the exterior not touching the food, but to remove this, the pan can be polished using a copper cleaner and soft cloth.

When cooking on an induction or other powerful stovetop, heat pan slowly from a low setting before selecting high or full power. Use a burner the same size as the pan base as small burners can warp big pans. Never drop a pan into cold water as this can buckle the pan.

For further information on care and use, please refer to instruction manual included within.