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Made in Italy.

Pure silver and pure iron are used in this award-winning collection of cooking tools by Tobia Scarpa. Each refined piece of cookware is designed to cook in, serve with, and put in the dishwasher for quick cleanup.

Silver, the most conductive of metals, even above copper, is made without harmful coatings or chemicals. By distributing cooking heat in a uniform manner, you can cook quickly at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional and antioxidant properties of food. Safe for use on induction, glass, and ceramic cooktops, as well as with gas burners and ovens.

Sulfidation (blackening) of the silver surface during cooking is normal and to be expected. It occurs without any negative effect on health and on food quality and can be periodically removed with the non-toxic White of Spain (purified clay) included with each piece. Strew clay over silver surface and rub with damp paper towel or cloth, then rinse.

Pan and lid sold separately.

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