Made in the United Kingdom.

Light and durable double-handle pans go from stovetop to oven to table with ease. Made of 99.1% spun iron in the Shropshire countryside from a foundry operating for over 30 years.

Each pan comes pre-seasoned with flax oil. To keep the plan flat over time, slowly heat on stovetop. For range stoves, open fires, wood-burning stoves, gas, ceramic, and electric , halogen, and induction cooktops.

When cooking on an induction or other powerful stovetop, heat pan slowly from a low setting before selecting high or full power. Use a burner the same size as the pan base as small burners can warp big pans. Never drop a pan into cold water as this can buckle the pan. For further information on care and use, please refer to instruction manual included within.

Lid and pan sold separately.