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Ann Ladson Forged Bronze Serving Set

Ann Ladson Forged Bronze Serving Set
Made in the United States.

Exclusive to MARCH

A handsome hand forged serving set for your next special meal.

Ann Ladson's work applies traditional metal working techniques with an intuitive and artful design process. All work is done by hand start to finish. She begins with a sketch which is fleshed out in wax or metal, then casted in Vermont by individuals who modify technique and solutions for the specific needs of each design. All pieces are hand finished to complete the process.

Each piece is individually forged and raised, soldered, and then cast and finished by hand from start to finish.

Materials: Forged Bronze

Fork: 11”L
Spoon: 11"L / 3.25"l x 2.25"D bowl

Care: Hand wash and dry.

Product code:15850

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